Video: 10 centuries in 5 minutes


Materials from Transnational Meeting in Germany


Presentation of Mr. Schlegel

3rd Meeting TIRA in Germany

Transnational Meeting in Germany 29.09.10 – 30.09.10

Group photo of the 3rd meeting

Intercultural workshop with pupils from the region Altenburger Land


3erd Meeting TIRA: Matthias Matuszewski managing director of ifw MBZ

Presenting the ifw MBZ and the projects in rural areas by Ute Hirsch

The Region Altenburg County

Best practice in Germany (Ge-01b)

First good practice example MGH

The integration of  younger and older people in a rural area

Best practice in Spain (Sp-02)

Working Unit


Number GP: Sp-02


Title GP

A business adventure sensitive to the environment

Description of the GP

They are a company dedicated to the improvement and conservation of the environment through: the guidance of activities in the natural environment, the environmental education and the forest management. They are committed to guiding people but also the planning of all aspects of their stay and accommodation. The working philosophy follows the principles of AEGM, an association that defends the rights of mountain’s professionals ensuring proper management of risk in guided activities. These guidance activities are related to tourism, environmental education, historical themes, forestry, culture, etc..

The business model is based on the optimization of resources, offering the highest quality. For this reason they have not physical headquarter but they use ICT and social networks to reach the target audience ranging from seniors, children, professionals, disabled, etc.. It means all audiences.

This service is a novelty in the county and its offerings can be viewed on the web


Encouraging environmental education, awareness and nature conservation, recreation and leisure activities offered to tourists, promote the sport and offer training.

Results and materials that will be used (video, text with pictures)

Video, web

Criteria accomplished by BP

To accomplish the next criteria:

  1. Coherence: Adapted to the goals of the project and to the population and rural field.
  2. Innovation: Give some resource, method or application that permits to solve common problems.
  3. Impact with quantitative and qualitative checked results: evidence, transformations or lasting chances, social, economical, environmental and/or institutional.
  4. Efficiency: evidence an ideal approach of the available resources (financial, technical, technological and human)
  5. Sustainability: evidence a permanence in time in front of : the lasting social, economical, environmental and institutional changes.
  6. Replicability / monitoring model: susceptible to be repeated in other countries with similar situation and conditions
  7. Use of TIC
Partners evaluation of the GP:  Yes /  No


Explain clearly why the GP is applied or not in each territory


Video 2nd meeting in Tapolca

Newsletter ‘Rur@l News’ 9: Public Debate on the Future of the Common Agriculture Policy

In this issue:

  • we follow the public debate on the future of the CAP;
  • provide updates on rural development related matters, including the recent NRN meeting in Malta;
  • continue our tour of the Member States with a visit to Estonia.

Im Anhang finden Sie die neueste Ausgabe des EN RD Newsletters ‘Rur@l News’ (Ausgabe 9)

In dieser Ausgabe

  • verfolgen wir die öffentliche Diskussion über die Zukunft der GAP;
  • bringen wir Sie auf den neuesten Stand in Fragen der ländlichen Entwicklung – unter anderem berichten wir vom jüngsten Treffen der nationalen ländlichen Netzwerke in Malta;
  • setzen wir unsere Reise durch die Mitgliedstaaten fort und besuchen Estland.

La lettre d’information du Réseau européen de développement rural (REDR) Rur@l News » (n° 9).

Dans ce numéro :

  • Nous suivons le débat public sur l’avenir de la CAP ;
  • Nous donnons des nouvelles des sujets liés au développement rural, parmi lesquels la récente réunion des Réseaux ruraux nationaux à Rome ;
  • Nous poursuivons notre tour des Etats membres avec une visite en Estonie.

Adjunto encontrarás nuestra última edición del boletín informativo EN RD “Rur@l News”, Noticias Rurales (ejemplar 9)
En este ejemplar:

  • Seguimos el debate publico sobre el futuro del PAC;
  • Damos actualizaciones sobre asuntos relacionados con el desarrollo rural, incluso el último reunión NRN en Roma;
  • Seguimos nuestro viaje de los Estados Europeas con una visita a Estonia.