The objective of the proposed project is the establishment of a framework for designing and planning and creation of the necessary tools applicable to VET Institutions and SMEs as well as to adults of disadvantaged rural areas. In this framework the workforce, that is traditionally active in the primary sector will be trained either conventionally or by open and distance methodology) and certified to new innovative types of development in a complementary type of employment such as:  the production of novel agro-food products, the processing of local traditionally produced agro-food products, the evaluation and marketing currently non- marketable local functions goods and services, the cooperatively production, processing and delivery of characteristic local agro-food products, local craftsmanship,  the development of environment oriented tourism activities (eco-tourism, agro-tourism), etc.

The specific objectives of the partnership are:

1. Share ideas and experiences of the training organisations and their local partners and business contacts in initiatives to develop a sustainable rural economy.

2. The partners would plan and promote a series of workshops hosted by each of the partners to bring together local businesses, training and development and advisory organisations to learn about good practice and innovative production methods.

3. Each partner will present case studies in their country that demonstrate opportunities to improve incomes and employment in rural areas, from the use of New Technologies and stimulating the interest in local foods, alternative products and services and tourism.

4. Analysis of the Training Needs identified in the different rural regions across Europe (Vocational Training).
5. Disseminate the project results using information and communication tools.

All partner countries are facing similar problems to adapt to the reduced incomes from agricultural. They are keen to investigate new alternatives and  diversification of land use that increase revenues and the use of the  countryside for recreation, tourism and conservation by visitors and customers from the towns and cities.

The partnership groups will work closely with local businesses and agencies to promote the project and encourage their input in the planning and development of the project.

The workshops and communications platform will facilitate dialogue and a wider dissemination of the results of the project. Partners will evaluate the progress of the project and plan each activity and method of implementation taking into account the views and interests of the local participants and beneficiary groups.

Training organisations will make use of the information provided in the workshop to develop training and support adapted for the needs of rural communities and businesses.


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