Best practices in Germany (Ge-03)

Working Unit
ifw MBZ, Germany
Number GP: Ge-03
ifw MBZ, Germany
Title GP
Social Integration centre of Altenburger Land

Description of the GP
The region Altenburger Land have a high level of long termed unemployed people. It´s the highest level in the federal state Thuringia. Some of industries go away from the region, for instance open coal cast mining or were completely changed, like the agricultural sector. In the following of these the professional socialization of a lot of people was devaluated. These group of people are most of the long term unemployed people. The other part of this group are people with a low level of qualification and not actually professional experiences. The social follow-up is, that a lot of families haven´t enough money and especially in rural regions they are not integrated in social and cultural life. This is not only a very difficult situation for the unemployed people themself but also for their families and especially the children. The empiric knowledge from social science show, that this promote the fatally development to child poverty. More money to this families can´t bring sustainable help to them. The parents need help for self-organisation, self-management and for actually problems like outstanding debt or alcohol. After that it will looking for traineeship and further education. This kind of activities with the focus of the whole family is a change of the perspective about the problem of long termed unemployed people in rural areas with a prevention approach.


1.     Bring long term unemployed people back to the labour market. Hold younger people and families in the region.

2.     Help them with most important problems (typical social work activities) and at the same time strengthening self-management and self-organisation

3.     Give them further qualification for jobs and competences in education, child care and  problem solving competency

Results and materials that will be used (video, text with pictures)
text with pictures

Criteria accomplished by BP
The project creates and test activities for the key problems in rural areas in especially in eastern part of Germany. It´s a important approach for social integration of different target groups in rural areas.

Innovation: The innovation is to help finding strategies for training self-management and self-organization before further qualification and integration in to the labour market can be a theme. For this in the project the integration coach’s helps and call for own activities of the target groups.

Impact with quantitative and qualitative checked results: Most of the target group have made the experience in the past that they escape from problems, from labour agency and institutions they could help. In the project the most of the participants stay are at the whole time in the project. At second, the participants protect their privacy very well. The integrations coach´s worked to get access to families and children’s for helping them. At last after the first round of the project was finished about thirty percentages of the participants got a job. It´s a good result for the target group with many individual problems.

Efficiency: In the rural area of Altenburger Land is not only a high level of unemployed and disintegrated people the costs for helping them are on highest level in Germany. For sustainable help, they don´t need more money but help for organizing their life and their families. It´s a better way to use financial resources.

Sustainability: The initiative was founded in the federal state of Thuringia in 2009. A lot of projects were established in the whole federal state, SIAL was one of them. In this time the project SIAL is in the second round with new participants and the same cooperation partners. There is a good chance to establish SIAL in the promotion structure in Altenburger Land and the federal state of Thuringia.

Replicability / monitoring model: The economical and especially psychological starting points of the target groups are equal in rural areas, for this the transfer of methods and activities are possible.

Use of TIC: Using PC and Internet are important at two levels. First in the work with the participants, to find job offers and to create application documents. At the second level for creating, describing and realizing the whole project, include a permanent work in public relations.

Takes into account the genre perspective in their management: Most of the target groups are women as stand-alone parents with one or more children’s. Additional some of the target groups are fathers as stand-alone parents. For this the gender perspective is a important part of the work in this project.

1, 5, 7

Partners evaluation of the GP:  Yes /  No

Explain clearly why the GP is applied or not in each territory


  1. Coherence: Adapted to the goals of the project and to the population and rural field.
  2. Innovation: Give some resource, method or application that permits to solve common problems.
  3. Impact with quantitative and qualitative checked results: evidence, transformations or lasting chances, social, economical, environmental and/or institutional.
  4. Efficiency: evidence an ideal approach of the available resources (financial, technical, technological and human)
  5. Sustainability: evidence a permanence in time in front of : the lasting social, economical, environmental and institutional changes.
  6. Replicability / monitoring model: susceptible to be repeated in other countries with similar situation and conditions
  7. Use of TIC
  8. Takes into account the genre perspective in their management.

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