Best practices in Germany (Ge-02)

Working Unit
ifw MBZ, Germany
Number GP: Ge-02
Regional administration of Starkenberg, ifw MBZ, Germany
Title GP
Regional Development in rural areas in Altenburger Land

Description of the GP
This is a good-practice example for regional development in rural areas. This is the presentation of the activities in the village Starkenberg nearly Altenburg. The region Altenburger Land is a rural area in the eastern part of the federal state of Thuringia. It’s a region with a lower industrial level after the change in 1989. A lot of industrial companies, for instance in machine construction leave the region. With the companies leave the inhabitants there natural villages and go to larger cities and industrial centres. Especially younger women looking for new future prospects. That’s why children were unborn. This change in economical sector and the missing of inhabitants is a challenge of every administration in rural areas in eastern part of Germany. The task of the administration is, to promote the attractiveness of the own region not only for companies which want to invest, but also for the people. The regional administration and the major of Starkenberg have found a own way for this.


1.     Increase the attractiveness of the village, promoting the community to hold the inhabitants in their native country.
2.     Benefit the registered non-profit associations in the village in the area sports, traditional music and carnival
3.     Helping employees, who are parents to be flexible in their jobs.
4.     Promote technologies for the future in the village, for instance in regenerative energies

Results and materials that will be used (video, text with pictures)

  • Interview with the major of the village Starkenberg Mr. Schlegel
  • Powerpoint presentation about the village and the region

Criteria accomplished by BP
This gp refers a typical problem in eastern part of Germany. The difficult demographic development and the economic change from traditional energy resources to modern regenerative energies. It´s a very interesting solution und a possible way for transfer.

Innovation: The really new approach is in this project not general promoting by the government, but to use the individual resources of the community. The activities in non-profit associations have a long history in the village. To promote them is the best way to promote the community. A lot of younger people participate in these associations. The help is not only to give them money but creating good conditions like modern meeting rooms in central located building, public relations, help to organize important celebrations. Those activities in the associations as a mainly part of community are given from generation to generation.

Impact with quantitative and qualitative checked results: The effects of these activities are present in the workaday life. Some inhabitants leave the village in the past but not so much like in other villages.

Efficiency: This gp has a high level of efficiency, because a small budget of financial resources was used for multiplication of effects for community.

Sustainability: The activities in Starkenberg are successful. They have impact to social, economic and ecological life in the village and the whole region. It´s a model for other villages and small towns in Altenburger Land.

Replicability / monitoring model: The transfer of experiences and the results is possible. It depends from the individual situation in every region.

Use of TIC: Modern communication technologies are an important thing for life quality in rural community. For this the technical conditions for fast internet connection to the village were planed and integrated in the concept for rural development. At second, in the community centre of the village are possibilities to work with public PC with internet access and visit further education for using these modern technologies.

Takes into account the genre perspective in their management: A main theme of these gp is to promote families as an important part of the community in the village. For this the gender perspective is an main theme in the whole gp.

1, 5, 7

Partners evaluation of the GP:  Yes /  No

Explain clearly why the GP is applied or not in each territory



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