Best Practice in Spain (SP-01)

JasVisio develops machine vision systems for quality control, positioning of parts and robot guidance. Our extensive experience in industries as diverse as automotive, food, pharmaceutical and packaging, allows us to offer vision solutions for automating manufacturing processes.

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Business Location:

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Working Unit


Number GP:




Title GP

A rural ICT company

Description of the GP

The GP we have presented stands to make, from a rural area like Solsonès county, products of innovate systems of artificial vision for quality control, positioning and guiding of robots for urban automotive, food, pharmaceutical, etc industries, that enable artificial vision solutions to automate industrial processes.
Its methodology is as follows:

  • Technical feasibility study. At the start of the project, the problem will be analyzed in their labs and the best technical solution will be searched.
  • Validation in plant. Once the solution in the labs is found, a prototype will be done to be validated in a real production environment.
  • Implementation of the project. The artificial vision project will be executed in very short times, thanks to the use of modular components and to their software VisioMint, developed for machine vision applications.
  • Maintaining. Their projects do not end with the installation of machinery. They continue offering a preventive maintenance plan with continuous improvement.


  • To achieve quality control of products that is not possible with other technology, not allowing that a defective product reaches the consumer.
  • To improve competitiveness in business.
  • To reduce production costs.
  • To achieve innovation in all their processes

Results and materials that will be used (video, text with pictures)

Video, web

Criteria accomplished by BP

To accomplish the next criteria:

  1. Coherence: Adapted to the goals of the project and to the population and rural field.
  2. Innovation: Give some resource, method or application that permits to solve common problems.
  3. Impact with quantitative and qualitative checked results: evidence, transformations or lasting chances, social, economical, environmental and/or institutional.
  4. Efficiency: evidence an ideal approach of the available resources (financial, technical, technological and human)
  5. Sustainability: evidence a permanence in time in front of : the lasting social, economical, environmental and institutional changes.
  6. Replicability / monitoring model: susceptible to be repeated in other countries with similar situation and conditions
  7. Use of TIC

Partners evaluation of the GP:

Yes /  No

Explain clearly why the GP is applied or not in each territory

Add comentary


3 responses to “Best Practice in Spain (SP-01)

  1. I am unable to access the video footage as I do not have the correct software product to open it. It needs to be in a similar media as you tube which I am able to access.

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