3 example: Veli Pekka Niitamo


Hi my name is Veli-Pekka Niitamo, I come from finland, I work for Nokia Corporation howerever I wroking also very close to the academia. and my spetial interest it’s user  living with open innovation. Somehow they call me the father of the Europen Living Labs, because we originally brought the living live from MIT 2001 to Europe.

Ever since those times we’ve organize this network in Europe I’ve been the past 4 years as the achievement of the European living labs network and currently to creating Strong Alliance and a new organization between the living labs.

It’s great to be here in Solsona and see how in different creations living labs happens been the bot. One of the strong areas of the living labs are a rural living labs and specially , not only in Catalonia, in Spain in Finland in Hungary in Chec Republic we have already rural networks of living labs currently to attract create strong alliance between the rural living labs we see how citizens people in the rural areas are included in the innovation process and how people can create services and share innovations, not only in the regions but the it to put innovations to new areas and create business opportunities, entrepreneur opportunities for those companies and try to penetrate entrepreneurs in this areas, thank you.


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